2 Youtube Tips For Realtors

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If you're not using Youtube.com for training AND marketing -- you're missing out.   We like to market our properties individually on youtube so the address is in the title, we market our services by town so the town name is in the title and lastly we use tons of youtube channels for their marketing information -- as we can always stand to learn something new every day.
That being said there are 2 drawbacks to youtube/video in general that we've had issues with and done extensive research as to the best way to resolve both.
Without further delay - we'd like to teach you, a fellow realtor or realty business associate how to handle two of youtube/web video's biggest drawbacks: downloading videos and "taping" webinars"

Our Promise

We often get invited to webinars that can teach anything from simple seo/video concepts but you have to make yourself available (and sit still) for about 60 to 90 minutes including the obvious sales pitch that follows to catch an entire webinar.    Well, as a realtor I dont always have that time available or not at that exact time.   So I wanna check out the webinar, so I need a means to tape it...  and also wouldnt mind the ability to fast forward past the boring parts and sales pitch.    Enter: OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) -- a free livestreaming app thats able to pre-record a livestream, and therefore capture any video or audio on your pc.   Set it up, record & watch later!


Finally we have the problem of downloading youtube videos (bonus: without getting viruses from junky add-ons or scam-bait software).    This one is awesome -- once you've brought up the video in youtube, say I load a "Cresskill NJ Real Estate" video and want to edit it or watch it offline.    Simply add SS to the url in the top of your browser and follow the prompts to download the highest quality video available.   Example:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qt-xkE6PXw becomes https://www.ssyoutube.com/watch?v=0qt-xkE6PXw.   Yup, its that easy, through the genius of the guys at savefrom.net